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This is engineered for small etp and stp's. Come in various model catering from 1 cu.m to 6 cu.m/day of sludge flow with 1-2% consistency. The capital cost of these units is less. They are easy to use and operate. Even an unskilled single person can handle the sludge upto disposal without the need for any additional manpower. There is no need for space consuming sludge drying beds at all.

Sludge coming from clarifier is added with required chemicals and fed into the KOBAG through feeding mechanism. KOBAG is made up of specially developed hydrophobic reusable bags. They allow easy passage of treated water. But block the solid particles. After just few hours of dewatering, about 15% solids concentration is reached in the bags. Easy bag removal technique is assisted by a specially provided trolley. Bags containing sludge is carted to the natural drying area. It is further observed that just couple of days of natural drying generates sludge with more than 30-40 % solids.

Special material of the bag not only give it all the characteristics required for good filtration and solids capture but also is of reusable type. The bags after discharging sludge from them can be repeatedly used several times before needing to be disposed off