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Major applications include, but not limited to...

Mineral, Paint & pigments, Pharmaceutical, Bio-technology, Petrochemical, Food and food processing, Fertilizers, Sugar, Distillery, Edible oil, Coal, Cement, Engineering, Metal finishing, Oil-water separation, Coolants, Textile processing, ETP, STP etc..

Rubber Belt Vacuum Filter


  • Filtration is an important unit operation of chemical process industries.
  • No two filtration needs are same even if the chemical is same.
  • Filtration poses its own complexities.
  • We have developed KOBELT- PRO - LL to address many of varied requirements.

Salient Features

  • Highly advanced pressure filter
  • Very large filtration area
  • Solid and liquid, both can be recovered effectively
  • Totally enclosed operation
  • Can withstand very high filtration pressure without leakage
  • Easy cake discharge
  • Online cloth cleaning
  • Least O&M costs
  • Various MOC to suit requirement