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The highly advanced etp sludge dehydrating technology

  • Specially suited for ETP and STP.
  • Hazardous waste coming in human contact is totally eliminated.
  • Highly advanced belt filter.
  • Compact.
  • Completely automatic operations. PLC based state of the art instrumentation logic.
  • No need for sludge drying beds, filter presses, decanters etc..
  • Frees up huge premium land for better use.
  • Unparalleled sludge dehydrating. Typically 35-50% DS content.
  • Dehydrated sludge can be directly dumped in sludge disposal bags.
  • Performance of the system is climate and operator independent.
  • Highly user friendly. Least manpower requirement.
  • Immensely helps in maintaining ISO 14000 and EHS norms.
  • Least power and utility consuming.
  • Least operation and maintenance costs.


KOBELT-PLUS site installation


Dehydrated sludge from the filter