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Effluent Treatment Sludge De-Watering - Kobelt-Mono

  • Is suitable for all types of etp and stp sludge, like, chemical, biological, primary, secondary, or mixture of them etc..
  • Even oily sludges are also effectively handled by this range of filters.
  • They come in 4 different sizes catering from 10 cu.m to 400 cu.m/day of sludge flow.
  • They are fully automatic needing very little manpower supervision or intervention.
  • They are engineered in a way that would require very least maintenance and is carried out very easily.


  • Is another of patented products. Ideally this is fitted after KOMPMAX.
  • Discharged dewatered sludge from KOMPMAX is gets fed into KOSLUDGEDRIER.
  • Unprecedented moisture reduction take place here without use of any external heat source. Solids content in excess of 35% have been established on this inventive system.
  • It again is fully automatic, self sustaining, independent, zero-recurring cost and zero-maintenance machine