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Most economical sludge dewatering for SMALL ETP's !!!!!

  • Sludge generated in small ETP's is also small.
  • Scientific sludge separation and disposal is desirable and mandatory.
  • Statutory requirements will only get much stricter with the passage of time.
  • Conventional drying beds and filter presses are quite costly and are highly labour intensive.
  • Highly advanced belt press filters are too costly.
  • KOBAG is the ultimate answer.
  • Only one person, who is operating the ETP can handle the sludge management, without any additional manpower.
  • Conditioned sludge from the ETP is drained in the specially made Hydrophobic filter bags.
  • Clear filtrate flows out of the bag from all sides and is carried out of the unit.
  • Just few hours of operation will yield solid concentration of higher than 15%.
  • Bags are then sealed and removed from the unit with the help of the special Removing trolley.
  • The bags can further be stored in the open or under roof, for further evaporative dewatering.
  • Typically within 10-15 days of atmospheric drying, a moisture content of about 60-65% can be obtained.
  • The bags are then sent for final disposal.
  • KOBAG system come in 1 - 6 bag configurations.